Two Days Later

I’m working on Book 2 of The Erotic Lords series, One Lord to Go, but meanwhile, I’m finding Amazon to be a bit frustrating. My fault initially. You should never put something up until you’re absolutely, and I mean positively, sure it’s done.

So after uploading One Lord Down, lo and behold, a single typo jumped out at me, an “M” where there should have been an “N.” Zounds! I waited patiently, OK, not patiently at all, but rather clicking on the refresh button every five minutes, for Amazon to give me access to my file, which was in review, then in publishing mode for hours and hours. It is the weekend after all.

Just at dinner time yesterday, I finally could access the book. I quickly uploaded the new, typo-free file. I hit send. Argh. I had failed to fix the synopsis to say that this is a short erotic story or a novella. It’s 15,000 words, after all, not 150,000. This can really anger readers who don’t know what to make of Amazon’s helpful info below the book that proclaims “File Size: 205KB.”

I’m in the waiting process again. And it’s Sunday, so not sure how long it’ll be before Amazon allows me to make the addition to the book’s description.

By the way, thank you kindly to my first purchaser of this book. I made a sale sometime since last night.

Cheers! and Happy Reading!