Let’s get organized and list my books in an orderly fashion:

Riding Hard and Long by Seven McBay

RIDING HARD & LONG (Cowboys Rule, Book 1)

When Jareth discovers Madeleine in a brothel in Abilene, he knows his prayers have been answered after a long trail ride. They’d wanted each other as teens, and now this busty blonde is his for the taking, any which way he wants.

Madeleine can’t believe her dream cowboy is there in the flesh, and, oh, what flesh he has—all 6’2” of sculpted muscles and sexy man.

They begin a rousing western romp until a threat to Maddie forces Jareth to determine if he has what it takes to keep her satisfied for a lifetime.

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Taming the Filly by Seven McBay

TAMING THE FILLY (Cowboys Rule, Book 2)

Luke has been bronc busting since he was a teen—enjoying the nomadic lifestyle, riding from ranch to ranch and from willing woman to woman. Until he rides onto Three Oaks Ranch and meets Lily, who’s not like any gal he’s ever known. A rancher’s daughter who works as hard as any ranch hand, she hides her shapely body in men’s clothing and also hides a terrible secret that may cost her the Stanford family land.

Luke only stays anywhere long enough to break a horse and satisfy any females who need servicing—both of which he does with practiced skill. But with Lily, he wants to do more than just spread her legs and pleasure her every which way he can imagine. Maybe he can help her out with more than just the lusty needs of her body and his. She wonders the same thing. Could Luke be the answer to her dreams? Can she convince him that having her at his disposal night and day might be worth him settling down for?

Can a bronc buster ever be satisfied becoming a rancher? Luke doubts it, especially when he not only learns the magnitude of Lily’s problems but also has to fight off a line of men as eager as he is to tame this filly!

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cover for One Lord Down by Seven McBay

ONE LORD DOWN (The Erotic Lords, Book 1))

Lord Jarrod Henley has consummated his marriage and yet has never seen his wife. He greatly desires a certain vivacious beauty, though he has never even met her.

In the fashionable world of London’s ton, Jarrod stands alone at every dance, a married man with no apparent wife. But lovely Lady Fleming is determined to bring some joy to his existence, offering herself up as his very willing mistress. She’s eager for his lessons in all things intimate while hoping to keep him away from his bawdy whores.

However, when the hapless wife decides she wants her husband after all, who will Lord Henley choose? The woman he’s been avoiding for nearly two years or the one who’s been sharing his bed for over two months? Of course, Lady Fleming has a secret plan of her own when it comes to this erotic lord.
(Short historic erotic novella, approx. 15,000 words)

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cover of One Lord to Go
Lord James St. John has tired of London life, including its whores, until he picks up an unexpected female on the way to his country estate.Stranded on the side of the road, Clarissa Belmont doesn’t expect her rescuer to be a powerful nobleman, one who asks her to marry him before he’ll give her a little sexual relief.Just when he thinks he has her right where he wants her, in his bed, she disappears. Was she after his money or his body, or both? Will he bother to get her back or leave her to another’s devious plans?
(Short historic erotic novella, approx. 13,800 words)Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks.
One Lord Too Many cover
Lord Renford, tenth Earl of Pembroke, is about to meet his future wife, a French girl with few inhibitions. He’ll woo Cerise with a sensual kiss and a slow fingering at a banquet. But after they’re married, what will she agree to in the bedroom?Will she let her sexy earl try every orifice? Should they let another man participate in their lovemaking? What if that man is Renford’s best friend? Will Cerise go along with her new husband’s plans or find herself with One Lord Too Many?
(Short historic erotic novella, approx. 18,000 words)Available at Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks.