About Me

I’ve been writing for many years and have recently turned my attention to historical erotica. Someone has to, right? Who doesn’t want to read about a sexy lord unlacing his lady-love’s corset by candlelight before he . . . well, engages in amorous congress with her?  I know I do.

The clothes were more beautiful, definitely sexier, and a lot more difficult to remove in the Regency Era. Sometimes, a lord may take the time to remove a lady’s gown and petticoats, her corset and shift, and sometimes he just tosses the whole lot over the lady’s head, overcome by a fit of passion.

Hm, that wasn’t really about me, but I do like to write and to read historical romance and erotica. I’m female and I live with my own lord. There, that was about me.  Mostly.  Wasn’t it?

Oh, about the name. I was born on a lucky day, that’s all!


Seven McBay


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