Can I Tell You All a Secret? Can You Keep It?

I just finished a short, short erotic story, and for the first time in my writing life, it’s contemporary. Gasp! A friend of mine is helping with the cover and is doing an awesome job. Here’s my half-assed beginning attempt:
Dummy cover by Seven McBay

And here is what my friend did for me:
Draft of cover

And that’s still a draft copy (!) but what an improvement.

Obviously, it still needs the title and byline text. That brings me to the secret I was talking about: I’ve only ever written historical erotica; it’s what I do. So I thought I would use a pen name for this story, tentatively called Caribbean Seduction. And after some consideration, I believe I shall be called . . . Claire Cream!

Your thoughts, readers. Should I use a pen name or stick with my own? Should Seven McBay branch out or remain historical and let Claire Cream handle the modern erotic adventures?


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